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Fact Sheets - Lakehead Source Protection Area
Fact sheets have been developed through the Source Protection program at the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority to explain the process for "Source Protection Planning" in the Lakehead Source Protection Area.

Intake Protection Zone - Bare Point

Wellhead Protection Area - Rosslyn Village

Lakehead Source Protection Area

Watershed Characteristics - Lakehead Source Protection Area

What is Surface Water?

What is Groundwater?

Source Water Protection Brochures:
The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority has produced a number of brochures and publications to explain the process for Source Protection Planning in the Lakehead Source Protection Area. Printed copies of the publications are available at the Conservation Authority office.

A Guide for Drinking Water Source Protection (1.92 MB .pdf)

Protecting Our Water Resources
A Guide for Source Protection of Drinking Water (761 KB .pdf)

Introduction to Source Water Protection (1.83 MB .pdf)

Clean Water Facts Brochure (602 KB .pdf)

Childrens Watershed Activites (672 KB .pdf)

Your Septic System (301 KB .pdf)

Annual Report - Lakehead Region Conservation Authority

2008 - Source Protection Pages - (485 KB .pdf)

2007 - Source Protection Pages - (658 KB .pdf)

Source Water Protection Presentations:

Overview of Source Protection Planning - February 2009

Preparing the Assessment Report - February 2009

Water Budget within the Lakehead Source Protection Area - February 2009

Banners - Municipal Residential Drinking Water Source Protection

Banner 1 - "Watershed Connections" (2 MB .pdf)

Banner 2 - "Planning Process" (838 KB .pdf)

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